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Aerials and Satellite TV Installers in King's Lynn

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If you have TV Aerial problems or satellite installation enquiries regarding a Sky, Sky HD, Freeview, Freesat or multi-room system, call our experienced team for polite and friendly advice today.

call us on 01553769567 for a free Quote

Our installers carry a full range of indoor and outdoor aerials and satellite at all times. Their repair and upgrade work is quick & efficient.

We cover King's Lynn and Wisbech  and surrounding area.

TV antenna setup service


Standard HDTV Antenna Installation Includes:
  • An antenna proven to work in your area.
  • All mounting hardware.
  • Freeview tuning and retuning 
  • Running a cable from the new antenna to your existing wiring.
  • Connecting to and using the existing coax wiring through the walls to your TVs.
  • Connecting your TV and peripheral equipment.
  • Programming and tuning your digital TV.

So you’ve made the all-important decision about which type and size of television to buy, you take it home and now it’s time to install it.

The question is do you want it to look like it did in store? If yes, it’s better not to attempt TV installation and tuning yourself.

Sometimes in the excitement of buying a new television, we find that people use the wrong cabling or don’t install the television bracket properly. Hiring a professional to install your telly means your television will be working at optimal performance.

Call us at Norfolk Electronics  and we will professionally install your new flat panel screen onto your wall and even hide all those messy cables. Our technicians will mount your screen neatly and professionally, giving you peace of mind that it is secure and safe; particularly important if you have young children in the home.

We will also mount your TV speakers properly so that you receive the best sound quality possible. In fact. Our Installation Technicians are experts in Home Theatre Set Up and Installation and can carry out the tasking job of your home theatre setup. That includes, installation of your TV, mounting of speakers and your television on the wall, proper placement of the TV, etc. Antenna installation is also an important part in the process. We will ensure that you don’t experience any pixilation issues whilst watching your favourite shows.

Norfolk Electronics has access to a wide variety of mounting for all types and sizes of TVs to fit your installation requirements.

If you prefer your flat screen installed onto a stand or cabinet, our technicians can also assist in securing your television unit for safety and performance.

Even if you handle your television installation yourself and still don’t have clear digital TV reception, don’t hesitate to call us. We’ll be there in a jiffy and can diagnose your TV reception problems. Our team of technicians will work out the problem and will come armed with the necessary solutions.

It doesn’t matter if you’re having digital TV reception or cabling problems, our experienced, qualified and professional team provides you with a free quote so that you know what the issue is and the remedy. Compare our rates, see what’s on offer and then make a decision.

If you want to enjoy your new television and favourite TV shows, simply call us on 01553769567. Enjoy crystal clear reception and a more streamlined look for your new flat screen panel.

Free estimates and no call out charges.

Price Beat Guarantee.

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